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How to set up Avast Free Antivirus 2019 on Windows OS?

Posted by admin, 14 Jan 2019

Who doesn’t want to get the real-time protection and get rid of any risk of virus attacks? Nobody! Every user tries to use the best antivirus and safe their device to get infected. The latest 2019 version of Avast has brought the best protection for the users for all Windows versions. Assuming the already downloaded file on your system in this article you will learn to Avast antivirus setup process. Even the non-technical users will be able to complete this task. Ensure that you have the admin access to Windows. Follow the step-by-step guidance carefully

  • On your windows laptop, locate the installer file which can be recognized as avast_free_antivrus_setup_offline_.exe and then start the installation.
  • Before the launching of the installation wizard, you can see the loading screen for few seconds.
  • You can change the language from the top-right corner if the install wizard is not in your language. Selected language will appear in the Avast user interface also and it can be changed anytime in the program settings.
  • Now make the choice between the types of installation. It can be either customer or regular. In case of regular which is always recommended the application will install with the default set of component like SecureLine VPN, Clean up, SafeZone browser, Browser Cleanup, software updates, and passwords. Those who select the customer installation can make the selection for component, shields, and languages need to be installed. It is for the advanced users and is helpful as some components are not required to be installed.
How to set up Avast Free Antivirus 2019 on Windows OS?

Now at the bottom, users are offered some additional products like Chrome, dropbox or passwords, make sure you select it. Just sit and watch the progress bar during the actual installation. Once the application is downloaded, you will see a system restore point and the Avast file being copied to your system. This process will take some minutes according to the state of internet connection. Meanwhile, users can sue their system for other activities.

  • In the final step, click continue.
  • So read the privacy policy now and you can also review the Additional Avast product.

Lastly, it is strongly advised to restart the system so that Avast is fully integrated and configured for your system. By restarting the system you will be able to use all the features accurately. If you find any difficulty while the Avast Free Antivirus 2019 setup/install then do not hold it for long. Get connected with our support team for the best resolution. System protect is the most important aspect and it must not be compromised in any case.