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Get connected to learn activation of Avast Internet Security

Posted by admin, 14 Jan 2019

There is no doubt that the Avast Antivirus and its products are strongly in demand. They provide satisfactory services and protection to the different operating system and devices depending on the compatibility. Avast Internet Security is downloaded and installed by the huge numbers of users to browse safely and be protected when online. New or even the old users are not aware of the setting up of such application and then the question arises about Avast Internet Security activation.

The activation code is sent in an order confirmation email to the email ID you provided using the purchase. Use these steps to activate your software using the application.

  • Log into your account open the order confirmation email.
  • Scroll down a little to the section of Activation code of the email and copy this code:
    • Drag the cursor while holding the left mouse button to highlight the code and then release the left mouse button.
    • Use the Ctrl and C keys together to copy the activation code or you can also right-click the highlighted activation code and click Copy from the context menu.
  • Give a right-click on the Avast icon in your system tray and choose Subscription information.
  • Click Enter a valid activation code on the My Licenses screen.
  • Here you need to paste the copied code into the text box and then click Enter.
    • Under Enter activation code, click into the text box.
    • Use the Ctrl & V keys together to paste the code into the box.
    • Hit the Enter button.
  • Check the license details for the provided code. You are allowed to click on a listed item 7 select an alternative license from the drop-down only in case of having a code for interchangeable products. To get back to the ‘My licenses’ screen hit the Continue button.

By now you might have understood the whole process of activation. This is how you complete the Avast Internet Security setup. The expiry date of the license can be seen under “Licenses on this PC”. It can be activated on numbers of PCs you specify while purchasing. Any confusion occurring or stucking in between will be resolved by the support team members. The technical representatives are always geared up to provide the best aid possible.